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Our Herding Instructor's 5 year old B&T GSD bitch was recently diagosed
with PF. Treatment started with cyclosporine but then her vet switched
over to a topical ointment called Tacrolimus. Her shepherd is MUCH
IMPROVED. She can't believe the difference and the cost is much
lower. ($29 for a tube that will last a few months.)

I found the following information on the web and thought I'd share this
with you.

Tacrolimus is 10-100 times more potent than cyclosporine, is reported
to have fewer side effects, is effective topically, and is less
expensive than cyclosporine. Misseghers et al evaluated ten dogs with
perianal fistulas who were treated with topical tacrolimus 0.1%
ointment once to twice daily for 16 weeks. Full healing of the fistulas
occurred in 50% and was noticeably improved in 90% of dogs.

Here is an on-line email group for owners of dogs with PF: 
Joining this group will help you learn more about how to treat the disease most effectively and cheaply.

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